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Career tests: Research

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Career Education Blog

Career tests: research

Please respond the following questions related to your career:

1. Iím sure about the types of work that I could perform well.

True     False

2. I have little or no doubts that my current work choices are right for me.

True    False

3. I know what workers do in the occupations I am interested in.

True    False

4. I am certain that my knowledge and skills equal those of the current workers in the positions Iím interested in.

True    False

5. I have discussed with at least three people who work in the jobs I want.

True    False

6. The types of work I can do will pay me enough to live the life I want.

True    False

7. The types of work I can do will require an amount of recycling and further learning or preparation within my possibilities.

True    False

8. My current knowledge and skills are not at risk of becoming useless very soon because of technological evolution.

True    False

In this case the ideal situation would be for you to answer at least four questions as true. If it was not your case, you should indeed see a career advisor.


Comprehensive career education glossary. Definitions of career education and career builder terms.

Adult basic education.    Adult general education    Adult secondary education.    Adult student.     Apprenticeship.    Aptitudes.   

Assessment.    Attributes.     Career.     Career branding.     Career Carnival.    Career change.    Career cluster.    Career coach.   

Career counseling.    Career exploration.    Career development.    Career fair.    Career guidance.    Career-Interest Inventory.    

Career mentoring.    Career objective.    Career paths.    Career planning.    Career program certificate.    Career resources.   

Career Trek.    Competencies (proficiencies).    Competency-based education.     Community Education.   

Continuing Workforce Education.    Co-operative career education    Cover letter.    Curriculum-Integrated program.   

CV. Curriculum Vitae.    Degree Vocational Education Program.    Demand occupation.    Distance education.    Doctorate.   

Dislocated worker.    Employability.    Entrepreneurial skills.    Formation.    Foundation skills.    Freelance career.    Head hunter.   

Home-based careers.    Human capital.    Human performance technology.    Human resources.    Immersion courses.    Internship.   

Job satisfaction.    Job shadowing.    Life coaching.    Lifelong learning.    Mentor.    Mentoring.    Moonlighting.    Motivation letter.   

Non-traditional careers.    Portfolio.    Postsecondary.    Prerequisite.    Real Game.    Resume.    Sabbatical year.   

School-to-career program.    Self-employment.    Self-instruction.    Skills.    Undergraduate.    Work-based learning.   

Work exploration.    Work readiness.    Work study.    Workforce development education.    Youth apprenticeship.

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