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Find out what career suits you most with our online career-aptitude test. Throughout your career you will need to re-evaluate what you are doing and what your next steps could be. We all do this unintentionally as we think about what we shall be doing on any given day. We need to be intentional about our planning. The process of goal setting and planning outlined previously is an ongoing process throughout our lives. Are you living the life you want to live? Only you can answer. Career-life planning is about looking at your entire life as an interconnected whole.

Is your job providing you with all the benefits you had hoped for? Is it time for a new vision, a new sense of what you want to do with your life? Are there changes you can make within your present job or do you need to move on? In this section we are providing three tests that will help you to decide on your career and on the need for further career education. We recommend you to show your results to your career advisor.

Test 1. Self Knowledge. This is the key to the whole process of your own career planning. It is critical to your professional success. You need to know who you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are before you can make effective career decisions or choose the proper career education to further increase your opportunities. The better you understand this, the better you will manage to write well focused resumes and present yourself favourably in job interviews. Take it.

Test 2. Research. This will help you know how to connect your strengths and weaknesses to the real world of work. It is very important that you conduct a lot of occupational research, as it will help you to learn which opportunities match the nature of your interests and talents. Take it.

Test 3. Networks & Contacts. This is about networking and making contacts. The process includes activities such as resume writing, conducting a work search and presenting yourself in an interview. Take it.


Comprehensive career education glossary. Definitions of career education and career builder terms.

Adult basic education.    Adult general education    Adult secondary education.    Adult student.     Apprenticeship.    Aptitudes.   

Assessment.    Attributes.     Career.     Career branding.     Career Carnival.    Career change.    Career cluster.    Career coach.   

Career counseling.    Career exploration.    Career development.    Career fair.    Career guidance.    Career-Interest Inventory.    

Career mentoring.    Career objective.    Career paths.    Career planning.    Career program certificate.    Career resources.   

Career Trek.    Competencies (proficiencies).    Competency-based education.     Community Education.   

Continuing Workforce Education.    Co-operative career education    Cover letter.    Curriculum-Integrated program.   

CV. Curriculum Vitae.    Degree Vocational Education Program.    Demand occupation.    Distance education.    Doctorate.   

Dislocated worker.    Employability.    Entrepreneurial skills.    Formation.    Foundation skills.    Freelance career.    Head hunter.   

Home-based careers.    Human capital.    Human performance technology.    Human resources.    Immersion courses.    Internship.   

Job satisfaction.    Job shadowing.    Life coaching.    Lifelong learning.    Mentor.    Mentoring.    Moonlighting.    Motivation letter.   

Non-traditional careers.    Portfolio.    Postsecondary.    Prerequisite.    Real Game.    Resume.    Sabbatical year.   

School-to-career program.    Self-employment.    Self-instruction.    Skills.    Undergraduate.    Work-based learning.   

Work exploration.    Work readiness.    Work study.    Workforce development education.    Youth apprenticeship.

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