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Career builder types

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Career builder types

There are many possible classifications for career builders, but we may consider the main types of career builders to be:

Obsessive career builder. These are people who wonít make any move without considering how it will look in their future CVs. Often, this may even affect their personal lives to the point of deciding on having or not having children, marrying the person they love or not, etcetera. This may become a psychological condition, and most career advisors or career counsel experts may certainly show concer about overawareness, as it may transform into obsession. And, contrary to popular belief, this career attitude is also utterly inadequate to career progress and career achievement. In fact, most career obsessed persons end up not accomplishing their career goals.

Careless career builder. These people, on the contrary, do have a more or less clear picture of their future career purpose, but they cannot make the connection with their day-to day activity. They may suffer from a chronic lack of long-term career inputs in their ordinary life and work, and this may lead to fatal decisions being taken. This often happens either because of a certain intellectual laziness or because these people canít just sit back from time to time and take perspective. They are so immersed in the course of events that they fail to connect their current efforts to the big objectives, even if they have planned them. A professional career advice expert may certainly manage to drive this kind of career builders back to track. Because he or she is not conditioned by the personís current work and activities, the career coach can really consider all the facts from a much more objective angle and provide both diagnosis and treatment.

Doubtful or reluctant career builder. He or she has clear objectives and wishes to accomplish them, but itís just so hard for them to know whether they are actually on the good way or not... They more than anyone else need a career advisor or a career coach. Excessive doubting may frustrate their career approach and their attitude to their current job, so a career coach will start by conducting a thorough assessment of these personsí previous career decisions. Very often, these are people who have chosen the wrong career from the beginning, no matter whether they have brilliantly succeeded in their careers out of pure will and effort. These are clear candidates to a sabbatic year or career break in order to sort out their priorities and rethink the whole big picture. Being ambitious and hard-working, they may be able to afford a complete career change, even at an already mature age. But, of course, a lot of thinking must precede such a risky and important career decision.

Non-career builder. Well, these people are just completely unaware of their future. They neednít be irresponsible or unconscious. They are often people who didnít have a clear, specific inclination towards a given profession or, on the contrary, people with such a strong commitment to a given activity (often a non profit activity or an advocacy cause) that they canít just go back in track and think about their future. Acquiring family responsibilities may awake their career awareness, even though sometimes it will be too late.

Non economic career builder. We all need two main revenues from our ordinary activity. One is money to spend, and the other is acknowledgement and respect. Well, some people are so much interested in the second that they will not plan their careers according to their financial needs. Glory is more important, no matter if they call it otherwise. Many writers, political and social activists, artists and others fall into this category. Itís fair enough if you have enough personal resources to fund your beloved non profit activity, but otherwise itís a sure way to failure from the career perspective. Unless... A career advisor may help you to either come back to economic reality or to transform your activity into a profit making one. You may be an excellent non-profit organization executive, or you may need an external help to market your art or your writings. Maybe the life you have chosen is not so crazy after all and what you need is to make it compatible with economic reality.

Moderate career builder. This is the category most of us would like to fall in, and the one most career advisors will try to bring you to. These people do not get obsessed or overconscious about their long term career objectives, but from time to time they reconsider everything. They take some time to look back and then to imagine ahead. They take advice if needed. They make small changes to the big picture but they keep advancing towards its accomplishment. They wonít hesitate to make an important career change if they feel they are getting away from the long-term objectives, but they wonít change jobs or industries just out of temporary unhappiness. Although this group may seem to be in no need for a career advisor, these are the people who are less reluctant to visit a career coach as they value their careers and consider that serious external views and advice can help them a lot when it comes to focusing on their future career building.


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