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Career Education Blog

Career Education Programs

Career education programs are designed as guides through the various important educational and professional stages in life – leaving school, starting university, contemplating a career move…all phases in which any professional advice may only be a good thing. Skilled experts cannot only capably lead through potential difficulty but may help one to find an ideal personal path.

Though not a traditional subject, career education may be an option worth considering. It can, after all, determine what one studies and how one studies it, thus potentially saving lots of time, money and effort.

Beneficial for any educational institute, many head teachers find their pupils achieve better results across the whole board of subjects once they are given career education – the focus on specific objectives giving them more motivation for learning. Career education may help educational institutes by highlighting aspects in which they may be weak – for example, a school may lack courses in specific subjects or not provide its alumni with the opportunity to study for a certain certificate which is highly valued in the modern working world.

Those already with a career, perhaps wanting to know the best way to go about looking for a promotion or the wisest route to take with regard to a complete career change may find that they too may benefit from career education. Professionals may often find that the job market and affiliate marketing have changed significantly since they were last involved in it, making a career education program the most effective way to get ahead.

It should be remembered that a career education program is the only source of information which can claim to offer well-rounded, unbiased and up-to-date advice; it should therefore be considered with the highest regard by any student, educator or professional.


Comprehensive career education glossary. Definitions of career education and career builder terms.

Adult basic education.    Adult general education    Adult secondary education.    Adult student.     Apprenticeship.    Aptitudes.   

Assessment.    Attributes.     Career.     Career branding.     Career Carnival.    Career change.    Career cluster.    Career coach.   

Career counseling.    Career exploration.    Career development.    Career fair.    Career guidance.    Career-Interest Inventory.    

Career mentoring.    Career objective.    Career paths.    Career planning.    Career program certificate.    Career resources.   

Career Trek.    Competencies (proficiencies).    Competency-based education.     Community Education.   

Continuing Workforce Education.    Co-operative career education    Cover letter.    Curriculum-Integrated program.   

CV. Curriculum Vitae.    Degree Vocational Education Program.    Demand occupation.    Distance education.    Doctorate.   

Dislocated worker.    Employability.    Entrepreneurial skills.    Formation.    Foundation skills.    Freelance career.    Head hunter.   

Home-based careers.    Human capital.    Human performance technology.    Human resources.    Immersion courses.    Internship.   

Job satisfaction.    Job shadowing.    Life coaching.    Lifelong learning.    Mentor.    Mentoring.    Moonlighting.    Motivation letter.   

Non-traditional careers.    Portfolio.    Postsecondary.    Prerequisite.    Real Game.    Resume.    Sabbatical year.   

School-to-career program.    Self-employment.    Self-instruction.    Skills.    Undergraduate.    Work-based learning.   

Work exploration.    Work readiness.    Work study.    Workforce development education.    Youth apprenticeship.

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